Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A Mary Tyler Moore Show Moment

An interesting fact about me. Many of the shows that you guys take for granted for having watched as kids, I've never seen. Take the Brady Bunch for example. Many of you probably grew up watching it week after week, wondering what zany things those Brady kids would do. Me, stuck with only a few channels of French TV and a mother opposed to all things that weren't books, I grew up seeing a few minutes of Starsky and Hutch dubbed in French and many, many books.

But don't get me wrong, I don't feel like I was deprived (actually, I sure felt deprived growing up, but that was then) and looking back on it now, I think that I'm going to be the same way with my kids, only an hour of TV a day and a minimum of one hour of reading. I think that you can always catch up on TV watching time. God knows that I have as an adult. But at least, growing up, I was smart and that was when it mattered. Now, no one expects to be brilliant. They just expect me to be average and amusing ever so often. Which works just fine by me.

Anyway, back to my Mary Tyler Moore moment. It's funny, because all I've ever seen of the Mary Tyler Moore Show is the opening credits on some other show. I'm not sure what kind of show I was watching that would show other show's credits, but I did, at least once, since it left an impression on me.

The point is, that although I've never seen the Mary Tyler Moore Show, I do know that it's about some girl (Mary Tyler Moore) who goes to the big city (I'm going to assume New York, because Kansas City just wouldn't have the same ring to it) and although she has her struggles (if she happened to get fired from her job, then this is purely coincidental, but it sure would make my case stronger, but somehow I doubt it), all of a sudden she realizes she's going to make it (and the theme song even sings it for her "We're going to make it after aaaaaaaaaallllllll!) and so she throws her beret.

Well, I don't have a beret (I know, shocker considering I'm French) and throwing one of the cats in the air to make my point seems kind of cruel. So I'm just going to have to be content without throwing anything in the air.

But right now, I'm feeling joy and contentment. And hopefully you can feel that radiating through your computer screen (along with harmful rays that still haven't been disproven from causing cancer. Just move back, will ya?) After two days of being unemployed, things are looking up. I'm already freelancing for my old boss as I said yesterday. Now, Monster has a job posting for marketing freelancers. And so if I can just get gigs through that placement company, then I'm going to be set! Plus, I've landed myself a couple of mystery shopping assignments, and even though the total value of those is just $50, that's still $50 on stuff I would have normally spent.

So the world is pretty good! I've decided I'm going to contact my suburb's Chamber of Commerce and speak to their next meeting about PR 101 and then promote myself. Hopefully, I could land one or two small retainers from there. I'm sure there are a couple of other business associations I could speak to as well.

And then yesterday, I mailed out a flyer for my side business that offered a $50 gift basket as a bonus to anyone booking a party. I have to say, that's an offer I sure as heck couldn't refuse, so hopefully, if three or four of the girls who get that flyer agree, then I'll be making some good money over the next couple of months.

Poor Sweetie Pie is having to add a third job to his list of jobs to ensure that we do end up being ok, but he's been very good about things. I feel bad because he's had this parasite for three weeks, ever since we went to the lake that, without going into details is not condusive to working hard (if you can't read between the lines, regular explosive diarrhea. Don't tell him I told you that). So on top of running the software company, selling people moving apparatus, he is now going with his dad to do inspections in order to make some extra money.

I'm going to start visiting builders in a short skirt probably tomorrow or Thursday once I've done all of the work I can do for myself in order to help him and hopefully do my part in keeping us afloat.

It's funny. Sometimes, the simplest things can make you happy. Right now, the lack of anxiety is enough to make me content and have faith that everything will work out. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm 18 again and full of hope and excited with what the future may bring. The bitter almost 30 person I was last week has been lifted off my shoulders. I'd like to say I'm going to miss that bitter bitch, but honestly, I'm just happy to be me once again.



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