Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Long Live the King!!!!

Budweiser claims to be the king of beer and I have to say, I'm going to believe that today. I've always been a Miller Light girl. Simply because, American beer sucks and Miller Light is the beer my girlfriends drank and it's the only one I found to be acceptable to put in my body.

I don't think I've even ever tried Bud Light before, but despite the sheer brilliance of the "Real Men of Genius" radio campaign (one of the best series of ads ever! "Today we salute you, pickled pig's feet eater." LOVE THOSE!) I've never been enticed to try Bud Light.

Well, that is until last night. A really good friend of mine was in town last night from New York City, and so the old gang got together to see J. And as awesome as it was to see him and how much fun we all had, the night was made even better by free beer.

That's right, my friends, I said the magic words that will bring grown men everywhere to their knees weeping. Free and Beer. Have two other words ever sounded better together? And here's the best part. It wasn't a free pint or two. I'm talking THREE FREE PITCHERS!

I know, I know. I'm full of crap. Except I'm not. This really happened.

You see, ends up this benefactor of ours spotted our pitcher, identified it as containing Miller Light, identified our group as the dream Bud Light demographics and approached us with an offer we couldn't refuse. He asked us why we drank Miller Light, we gave drunken obnoxious answers, he nodded his head in agreement and then bribed us to try Bud Light. He told us that he would replace our full pitcher of Miller Light with a pitcher of Bud Light and then BUY us our next two pitchers. What did we have to lose, right?

So we accepted and as he walked away we quickly filled our glasses with as much Miller Light as we could muster and then turned in our half-full pitcher for a full one of Bud Light.

And the nice man from Bud Light was right. By the third pitcher of Bud Light, you can't tell the difference AT ALL! So my friends, today I bring you the first sponsor of this blog: Miller Light.

Oh, crap. I'm so bad at this switching loyalties thing.

On another note, yesterday I was VERY busy for an unemployed person. And I don't mean playing Hearts of Backgammon. I mean I was out running around. Heck, I even took my first shower since Saturday yesterday, which Sweetie Pie named as one of my crowning achievements. But see, the thing with never leaving the house is you lose track of time, and all of a sudden it's two in the morning and it seems silly to shower then.

Anyway, the mystery shopping was in full swing yesterday. I booked myself three individual grocery store shops. Here I thought I was being so smart, getting a grocery store to pay me to shop.

Yeah, well, I hate to admit I didn't get the last laugh on this one. You see, you're supposed to talk to every single employee at each store. And when employees are purposely dodging customers, it takes freaking forever! And then the employees don't just want to answer your question, they actually want to ask you how you are and BS like that. Don't these people understand I'm on a time crunch here?

Well, the freaking things took so long, I ended up only having time to go to two grocery stores and still showed up half an hour late to my happy hour. You try to tell your employed friends that you as an unemployed person have a good excuse for being late.



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