Thursday, July 29, 2004

This Blog Is Brought to You By...

Well, even though I refuse to take advertisements to keep the editorial integrity of this blog, a friend of mine has begged to be included in my random train of thoughts (which really wouldn't make them random anymore, but hey, he's from Chicago, so pardon his lack of logic).

And today, he's been especially sweet to my IM whinings, so as a reward, he asked me to be included in my blog. So everyone, please give KPB a big round of applause for attempting to be a good guy until he busted himself for wanting something.

Just kidding KPB! But everyone else, from what I hear, KPB is one heck of a musician, so next time he has a gig, I will let you know so that you can check him out.

As the TV folks would grovel: "please support our sponsors!"



1 comment:

MartiniGal said...

I bring you the wonderful world of blogging and I get nothing?? :(